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Combining operational, technological and regulatory expertise, we deliver performant solutions to the major challenges of financial services.

Agile Accountant

Based on Zoho, Finance Plus is a bundle of applications from invoicing to order management to accounting.

Your operations & finances can be tracked seamlessly on a single platform. Zoho Finance Plus applications have been made Luxembourg COA compliant and are regularly updated with latest accounting guidelines, thus reducing your overheads.

Few key features of Zoho Finance Plus are as follows:


Zoho Invoices

for fast and easy tracking, approval and reimbursement of expenses

Zoho Books

to manage account receivables, account payables & bank reconciliations

Zoho Inventory

to track stocks, orders placed & order fulfilment

Zoho Subscriptions

for fast and easy tracking, management and payment of subsciptions

Cloud accounting reduces the annual cost of accounting by 50%.

IT Regulatory and Compliance Services

With significant experience of delivering IT services which are compliant with European regulatory obligations (CSSF, BAFIN and FCA), Synermesh consulting offers the following IT Regulatory and Compliance services:

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