Digital Transformation & Organisational Agility

Synermesh Consulting exists to help European financial services sector to solve the challenges of today including: increasing complexity of the financial products demanded by clients, continuous regulatory change, impact of digitalization on technology and pressure on cost.

Since 2021 we deliver these as digital services used by our employees, Independents, SMEs and Enterprises active in the financial services sector with a focus on enabling organisation agility and digital transformation.

These services are all now being rolled out on our cloud based SAAS platform and include 

  • E-learning Digital-Learning-AS powered by Zoho & SimpliLearn LMS
  • Agile-Accountant – Accounting-AAS powered by Zoho Finance
  • Staffing as a Service powered by Zoho Finance, CRM, People & Recruit

Values & Philosophy

Empower customers & be enterprise aware

We aim to empower our customers when our products and services not only fulfil their needs and expectations but surpass them. We are enterprise aware, and we aim to consider the overall needs of the customer, to ensure that what we deliver contributes positively to the goals the organization.

Effective teams

We build teams around motivated individuals who are given the environment and support required to fulfil their objectives. Every person, every team, and every organization are unique. Let’s find and evolve an effective strategy given the situation we actually face.

Efficient & effective delivery model

We follow a “Disciplined Agile Approach” which empowers Teams to select the optimal processes and WoW to the situation which they face. Having process options to choose from, and understanding the trade-offs of those options, enables the most efficient delivery. Our delivery model enables teams and group to evolve continuously and remain well aligned to their goals.


We are continuously adopting the solutions that we deliver to align with the latest industry standards, and to reduce the time to market of those deployed solutions.

Cost & Quality

We provide the best service at a cost-effective rate. We continuously reduce our internal cost of doing business by automation and digitalization.

Our Partners & Clients

Our partners and clients include leading providers of SAAS, recruitment organizations, IT solution providers, banks and public institutions.

RBC Investor & Treasury Services
Skillfinder International

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